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10 Reasons why Nottingham is the best Student City

Nottingham may not be the most known city in England but it’s certainly one of the best student cities out there! Here are Groubook’s top 10 reasons why…

1. Something for everyone

There is always something to do in Nottingham! Whatever your interests are there is something for you to enjoy. From visiting the old caves, playing miniature golf, to going to a sport game. Our city offers countless activities to try and explore.

2. A Huge Student Population

Nottingham is home to both Nottingham Trent University and University of Nottingham. The huge student population makes Nottingham always bustling with energy!

3. Diverse Tastes

Within a few steps you can go from enjoying Mexican food, to having an Indian meal, to eating a French pastry. Nottingham has 300 places to eat in the city centre alone. You can enjoy different cultures, experiences, and tastes by trying the different cuisines in the city!

4. Culture

Nottingham is home to several art galleries, including the Nottingham Contemporary. If you're into history, explore the famous Nottingham Castle or explore Wollaton Hall, where The Dark Knight Rises was filmed! Nottingham is also home to Theatre Royal and the Nottingham Playhouse, if you fancy going to the theatre!

5. Nightlife

Experience one of the best nights out in the UK! Choose from rooftop cocktails bars, traditional pubs, hidden alleyway bars, and of course nightclubs!

6. Easy to find your way around

Nottingham is the perfect size city to go to Uni in! It's big enough to have countless shops, restaurants, bars, and activities to do but small enough that you can explore everything in a day.

7. Shopping

Nottingham is a great shopping destination in the UK. The city centre has two shopping centres, Broadmarsh and the Victoria Centre. There is also designer boutiques and popular brand stores in Old market Square and Hockley.

8. A bit of Nature

When it's nice out explore the parks and green spaces around the city. Arboretum Park or Wollaton Park are perfect to unwind after classes. The city is also a short drive away from the legendary Sherwood Forest!

9. Sports

Nottingham is home to two football clubs - Nottingham Forest and Notts County, the National Ice Centre, The National Water Sports Centre, and the famous cricket ground Trent Bridge. If you're a sport fan there are many options of teams to support in Nottingham!

10. Legends

Robin Hood, a popular legend, comes from Nottingham. Many stories and tales have featured the adventurous Robin Hood. You can check out the Robin Hood statue by the Nottingham Castle.

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