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Ways to be a better friend this year

Many people make New Year's resolutions involving working out or eating less sweets. What if we changed our goals to working on our friendships? If Health and Happiness are on your list for 2021, working on your friendships should not be overlooked.

Studies prove that an active social life can be a key ingredient to leading a long, healthy, happy life. Here are 3 Groubook tips to strengthen your friendships this year.

1. Focus on the the Little Things

Sometimes we forget that great relationships are not built upon grand gestures but rather the little things. You don't have to do a grand gesture every-time to let your friends know you're there and thinking about them. Taking a few minutes to call a friend to see how their days going, bringing them soup when they're sick, or even texting them a funny meme when you know they're feeling low, are all simple but can go a long way.

2. Find a Consistent Activity

Often times the best bonding experiences happen during a shared activity. Nowadays people are so wrapped up in their busy schedules that meeting up with friends get put off. If set on a specific day, a shared activity to enjoy with your friends can be fit into your weekly routine. The activity doesn't have to be big and over the top to be fun! From a weekly workout class, to Mini golf Thursdays, or even Wednesday night drinks - Pick an activity and stick with it.

3. Create New Traditions

Traditions don't have to be just for the Holiday Season. Create a new and fun tradition with your friends. From going out for Chinese food the first Friday every month, to planning an annual summer trip, or having a Cheese and Wine night every February. New Traditions are a great way to get your friends together and to have something you can all look forward to throughout the year!

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