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Why students should use Groubook

Updated: Jun 30

Radhika Mistry * NTU '22

Booking as a group can be such a hassle, for example choosing a place that everyone likes, finding a date and time that everyone is free and not forgetting to chase your friends the next day for money they owe you for the previous night. Groubook removes that problem, making it easier and cheaper for you to book places with your friends.

Using the app could not be more simple. I’ve used the app on a few occasions now, and can honestly say the experience has been fantastic, in helping me book places to go with my friends. Just type in your location, select your category, whether that be food, drinks or events, choose the place you would like to go, the type of meal/drink you want ordering and the number of people attending and then pay- it couldn’t be more straightforward.

Here are my 5 reasons why you as a student should use Groubook

1. Discover new places

As a student, it is more often than not that you sometimes get stuck in a rut going to the same places day in and day out- however with the Groubook app, the platform allows you to try new places that you may have not heard of before, making going out a lot more interesting.

2. Search and book everything in one place

By using the Groubook app, everything you need to find is contained within one place, making the need to search multiple places at one time no longer an option, saving you time and headache when planning a meal out with your friends.

3. Receive exclusive discounts and rewards

Being a student myself, I understand how tight money can be especially when going on regular nights out, however using the Groubook app users can instantly get a discount of 20% than if you were to pay directly. On top of this, you can also sign up to the app’s 2 reward schemes where you’re able to receive an additional 30%. Along with this, there is also the perk of becoming a student ambassador for the company, where you’ll be able to enjoy more exclusive discounts and rewards- so go on what are you waiting for?

4. Monitor your expenses

Juggling your finances as a student can be challenging, that’s why with the Groubook app can easily control how much you spend by uploading the amount you want and by paying for the booking through the Groubook’s ‘wallet’ feature, keeping you in control of your budget.

5. Pay your friends back more easily

With the Groubook app, you don't have to worry about handing out your bank details for your friends to pay you back, instead friends can easily transfer you back through the app’s ‘pay a mate’ feature- a much simpler and safer option. You also don't have to stress about working out who owes you what as everyone pays equal amounts, keeping everything fair.

So go on download the Groubook app today!

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